Friday Apr 18th, 2014


If America’s 47,744 miles of interstate highways were paved with concrete, 10,989,557 gallons of fuel would be saved each day.

Service Life Design Experts

Tourney Consulting Group, LLC, the concrete industry's leader for concrete structure life and maintenance, expertly serves engineers, contractors, facility operators, and owners.

TCG is a national consulting engineering company focusing on quantification of concrete durability and cost-effective, service-life solutions for concrete structures. Our in-house professional engineers have extensive experience in designing cost-effective and durable concrete systems (reinforcing, concrete and surface treatments) and in evaluating the condition of existing parking, bridges and marine structures.

Tourney Consulting Group, LLC works seamlessly with primary engineering firms to ensure superior design and condition assessment teams.

Bottom line, TCG provides sound and detailed investigation services to facilitate good business decisions on new structures designs, preventive maintenance programs, and repair plans.

We invite you to call us to see how we may optimize your next project.

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TCG is a STADIUMĀ® Authorized Company and STADIUMĀ® Lab Certified Laboratory