If America’s 47,744 miles of interstate highways were paved with concrete, 10,989,557 gallons of fuel would be saved each day.
    Service Life Engineering has become its own powerful field of study with immense impact on the future.
    Concrete is a light color, which reflects from 33 to 50 per cent more light than asphalt, and can even lower the average town temperature by six degrees.


Tourney Consulting Group, LLC (TCG) is the concrete industry’s leader on concrete structure service life and maintenance, serving engineers, contractors, facility operators, and owners.

TCG is a national consulting engineering company that focuses on quantification of concrete durability and cost effective service life solutions for concrete structures. The in-house professional engineers have extensive experience in designing cost effective and durable concrete systems (reinforcing, concrete and surface treatments) and in evaluating the condition of existing parking, bridges and marine structures.

Our design team provides recommendations to design-build teams to produce highly durable concrete systems at the lowest cost. If a performance specification is the objective for new construction, TCG engineers will guide the development of a sound specification, implementation plan, and subsequent quality assurance testing program.

The service life of exposed concrete structures is often shortened by unseen conditions not identified in visual inspections. TCG’s forensic and detailed laboratory investigations uncover conditions that, if addressed early, will lower life cycle maintenance costs. TCG expertise will determine root causes for possible deterioration and recommend means to cost effectively repair and protect facility.

We maintain a state-of-the art materials laboratory for concrete mix testing and detailed forensic analysis. This in-house capability assures fast, dependable and economical laboratory services for each concrete structure design/investigation. These laboratory services are often integrated with other consultant’s efforts in assessing the condition of existing concrete structures.

Bottom line, TCG provides sound and detailed investigation services to help guide good business decisions on new structures designs, preventive maintenance programs, and repair plans.

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