If America’s 47,744 miles of interstate highways were paved with concrete, 10,989,557 gallons of fuel would be saved each day.
    Service Life Engineering has become its own powerful field of study with immense impact on the future.
    Concrete is a light color, which reflects from 33 to 50 per cent more light than asphalt, and can even lower the average town temperature by six degrees.
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NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic MCON Project P-516 Ship Repair Pier 5 Replacement, Portsmouth, VA

Durability / Service Life Testing Service (STADIUM® Modeling)

The U.S. Navy is building a modern pier to service two simultaneous aircraft carriers in Portsmouth, Virginia. This structure has over 100,000 cubic yards of concrete and is expected to be completed in 2013. The U.S. Navy has required to service life of this structure to 75 years without major restoration activities. The U.S. Navy has employed a new performance-based concrete focused on a service life predicting software called STADIUM. This specification is proactive to allow the Department of Defense to significantly lower future maintenance cost.

TCG provided assistance to all bidding organizations to competitively prepare bids to likely meet the requirements of the project specification. Subsequently, TCG has been contracted to provide both the ready mix and precast concrete producers with services to form a specification-compliant submittal package. TCG has been contracted to provide project quality control testing and service life compliance with Skanska and Bayshore Concrete.