If America’s 47,744 miles of interstate highways were paved with concrete, 10,989,557 gallons of fuel would be saved each day.
    Service Life Engineering has become its own powerful field of study with immense impact on the future.
    Concrete is a light color, which reflects from 33 to 50 per cent more light than asphalt, and can even lower the average town temperature by six degrees.
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Permeability and Air Void Analysis for Sakonnet Concrete Mixture Design

Concrete Performance Testing

The Sakonnet River Bridge Crossing Project is a $150M new bridge to replace the current saltwater river crossing. The bridge includes critical concrete elements that include: piling, pile caps, piers, substructure, superstructure, and approaches. The project is one of the Rhode Island DOT's largest projects under construction.

There were several phases of TCG services for the Sakonnet River Bridge Crossing project. These phases were:

  • Design the concrete durability system (combination of concrete mix, reinforcing type, and surface coatings) for 75 years of maintenance-free service life,
  • Design the concrete system and specifications for the mass concrete for the project.
  • Provide materials testing services for determination of material quality (aggregates and concrete mixes).
  • Provide bid RF1 and evaluation services.
  • Provide conflict resolution consulting services.

Provide construction administration services including submittal reviews, quality control plan reviews, and general materials consultation.